Whiskers and Rhymes
by Arnold Lobel

Whiskers and Rhymes is a collection of original funny poems written in the style of nursery rhymes. "Whiskers", of course, refers to the cast of cats in the delightful illustrations by award winner Arnold Lobel. The felines resemble folks in 19th Century costumes and portray a range of human emotions in humorous ways - a good match for the verses, which are a rich commentary on human foibles and feelings. As in the following:

Friendly Fredrick Fuddlestone
Could fiddle on his funny bone...
His furious father
would flatly forbid it,
Which, of course,
Is why young Freddy did it.


Postman, postman,
Bring my mail.
Let me serve you
Cakes and ale.

The day was sad,
But now it's better...
A friend has written me a letter.

The book is rich in alliteration, puns and other word plays; a good choice if you're looking for kids' poetry that helps children develop a sensitive ear for the sound of words.

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