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Ideas for Writing a Book & Narrative Story Ideas

How do you find creative writing ideas? It's not difficult if you know where to look; free story plot ideas are all around you.

Here some great sources of story writing ideas...

Creative Writing Ideas from Newspapers, Magazines and Books

Newspapers and magazines are a treasure trove of story ideas. Mix news items with incidents from your own life, or from your observations or imagination; what emerges should not be a mere retelling of the facts but a creative shaping of the events into a story with your own unique stamp on it.

Think about the people in these news reports, too. What drove them to act in the ways they did? What were their hopes and fears, their dreams and desires? Create rounded characters that will add depth to your story. Look through newspapers and magazines, and cut out photos of fascinating faces on which you can build your characters.

Read books by other authors, too: not so much to copy their work as to see how you might use their ideas as a springboard from which you could develop your own original storyline.

Creative Writing Ideas from People

Observe people around you. Their mannerisms and facial expressions, their distinctive diction and memorable turns of phrase, their personality quirks and oddities: any of these may spark off your imagination, leading to a novel revolving round one or more fascinating, unforgettable characters.

Listen to people: You never know what strange or wonderful experiences they have gone through, which will make great stories; but get their consent first, especially if you want to write your book as a direct retelling of someone's real life adventures.

Be careful, though, about basing your characters or plot directly or solely on a real-life person or event; click here for the legal issues involved in doing so: Avoid Defamation of Character.

It's much safer to build characters that are a composite of various real people, and composite plots based on several different incidents - and you get a richer story with more in-depth characters too.

Creative Writing Ideas from Your Own Life

The best ideas for creative writing often come from your own experiences, from what you can write about knowledgeably and convincingly.

Think back, for example, to your childhood escapades: any ideas there for a children's book?

Or, what about your life now? If you're in a college or university, your tales of campus life could strike a sympathetic chord with many students. Or if you go scuba diving or rock climbing on weekends, your hobby could provide you with wonderful ideas for adventure stories.

Exciting events, trying times, even dreams and nightmares: all these can be turned into unique, fascinating plots. Readers like a good laugh, and a good cry, and will identify with your tale of woe if it's told humorously and skillfully.

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