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We are Christian book publishers based in Singapore. For the past 10 years we have been editing books for our clients and helping them through the publishing process. Now, we are ready to bring out our own line of publications under the CreativeJuicesBooks imprint.

Christian Writers Needed

Do you have a passion for writing Christian fiction for kids? Are you looking for traditional children’s book publishers – the kind who pay royalties and don’t expect you to shoulder any part of the publishing expenses?

Or perhaps you have written a novel for teenagers or an inspirational Christian book for adult readers – and you too are looking for traditional Christian publishers who are not vanity or subsidy publishers in disguise?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, read on…

We are Christian Book Publishers Looking for Good Manuscripts

We do traditional publishing – the kind where you get a standard publishing contract, royalties and our support to promote and sell your book. You don’t have to pay any part of the publishing expenses.

We are looking for good quality Christian fiction for kids and teens, and inspirational Christian non-fiction for adult readers.

We Welcome Emerging Authors

As independent publishers with low overheads, we do not have to sell large quantities of a book to break even. This gives us the freedom to take on promising first-time authors and help them develop their writing talents.

We accept each manuscript solely on its merits; you don’t have to be a celebrity with ready-made buyers for your book. (Though it is a bonus if you are one – and have a great book too!)

Low Break-Even Point Does Not Mean Low Expectations or Ambitions

As Christian book publishers, we want to bring the message of God’s love and salvation to the nations of the world through our publications. To this end, we go all out to market our books worldwide; and it is our dream and our prayer that all of our books become bestsellers read by millions of readers – and that our writers, with God’s help, attain their full stature as the CS Lewises and JRR Tolkiens of the 21st Century.

We are Traditional Christian Book Publishers, NOT a Vanity Press

We accept only the best manuscripts, and we bear all publishing and other expenses. Each book we take on has to go through multiple, rigorous rounds of editing and, if necessary, rewriting before it goes to print. And, unlike vanity publishers, we work diligently to promote and sell our books – because we have invested our money in them!

How are We Different from Other Publishers?

Because our overheads are low, we are able to offer higher royalty rates than most big publishers - up to 35% of the sale price of the book. However, we do not pay advances to emerging authors.

Our main distribution channels will be through the internet rather than through bookstores. This is because major online stores and affiliate marketeers publicise and sell books for a longer period than do bookstores, which display works by new writers only for a short season, without giving sufficient time (in our opinion) for the books to make an impression on the market.

Christian Writers Needed to Write for Children and Teenagers

At a time when most publishers are cutting their budgets for children’s books – or signing on only big names that can help push sales – we are bucking the trend by focusing on books for the juvenile market, especially those written by Christian authors. We feel an urgent need to do this because, for the past decade and more, we have noticed a disturbing trend in children’s book publishing. It’s no longer about how good a story is; it’s about whether it has the “right ingredients” – like vampires, violence and the occult. For more on this, go to Why It's Important to Write for Kids and Teens.

Please note too: as Christian book publishers committed to advancing the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, we will not publish any book that denigrates the person and name of our Lord, or that goes against the teachings of the Bible – for example, writing that promotes pornography, the occult, satanic worship, New Age beliefs, or other religions or cults.

How to Submit Your Manuscript

Write to or and enclose your manuscript as a Microsoft Word file attachment.

In your covering letter, give a brief description of yourself. Tell us about your intended audience and your reasons for writing the book. If you have written other books and been published, give details of those too.

If you are submitting a non-fiction book, please include any relevant qualifications, credentials or experience you may have. Explain, too, what your book has or does that others on the same topic have omitted.

If you are under the age of 18, we must have permission from your parents before we can publish your book. Please include your parents’ email address in your covering letter.

Questions? Suggestions?

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us using the form below:

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