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Creative Writing Tips: Success Secrets of Great Authors
Creative writing tips show how to improve writing skills through effective use of figurative language, action verbs and much more; with examples from top authors.
Creative Writing Ideas: Ideas for Writing a Book, Narrative Story Ideas
Creative writing ideas abound, if you know where to look. Simple, practical ways to find lots of original story writing ideas and free story plot ideas.
Action Verbs: Creative Writing Tips on Choosing Powerful Verbs to Grab Attention
How to use strong action verbs to energize your writing: creative writing tips on selecting vivid verbs for dramatic impact; with examples from great authors.
Creative Writing Prompts: Quick, Easy Way to Brilliant Story Ideas
Creative writing prompts and story starters to spark off wonderful story writing ideas for romance books, fantasy books, mystery books, funny stories, short stories and more - no more writer's block!
Creative Story Writing Tips that Work: Conflicts, Cliffhangers and Climaxes
Creative story writing tips on writing a book filled with dramatic conflicts, exciting cliffhangers and a satisfying climax; with examples from great authors on writing fiction that engages readers.
Creative Writing Ideas to Help You Write the Best Books for Kids
Top creative writing ideas culled from studies of what kids want to read. Get lots of ideas for writing a book children will love; find story writing ideas you can turn into best selling books.
Creative Writing Tips: How to Improve Writing Skills
Creative writing tips: success secrets of good writers. Discover creative writing techniques for effective writing; acquire excellent writing skills.
Figurative Language: How to Improve Writing Skills, with Examples of Imagery
What is Figurative Language? Creative writing tips on how Figures of Speech like metaphors, similes, personification, hyperbole, synecdoche and oxymoron can make your writing come alive.
Creative Writing Ideas: How to Write a Story Kids and Teens Want to Read
Creative writing ideas: here are story writing ideas to help you in writing children's books and popular teen books, and guidelines to write a book that holds a timeless appeal for young readers.
Steps to Write a Book: Story Writing Ideas and Book Writing Tips that Work
Steps to write a book: fiction writing tips and guidelines to write a book that readers love; here's how to write a story that captivates your target audience.
How to Write a Story: Creative Story Ideas, Tips to Help You Write Your Own Book
How to write a story that sells: tips and ideas to help you write a good book; here's how to write a book that appeals to target readers.
Dramatic Dialogue: How to Write Dialogue that Captivates Readers
Dramatic dialogue breathes life into a story; these creative writing tips show how to write great conversation dialogue, with examples from top authors.
Connotation Denotation Synergy: Great Diction Tips for Persuasive Writing
Creative writing tips show how to improve writing skills by harnessing the synergy in "connotation denotation" interactions of words; improve your diction, choose apt words for every occasion.
Create Word Music with Onomatopoeia, Alliteration, Repetition and More
Word music infuses your writing with lyrical beauty: creative writing tips on how to use onomatopoeia, alliteration, plosives, repetition, resonance, assonance and more, to create the music of words.
Sentence Structure Secrets: Lyrical “Subject Verb Object” Variations
Sentence structure influences word music. Discard dull “subject verb object” patterns; English syntax is flexible, lets you play with exciting variations: parallel structure, repetition...
Avoid Defamation of Character: How to Write a Story Without Getting Sued
Avoid defamation of character: FAQ on libel law: libel definition; what is libel; the difference between slander and libel; libel defense of absolute privilege; qualified privilege; fair comment.
Creative Writing Ideas: Cool Stories for Preteen and Teen Readers
creative writing ideas garnered from surveys of what teenagers want to read. Get the coolest story writing ideas for preteen stories and popular teen books.
Writing Christian Fiction: Want to Write Best Selling Christian Books?
Writing Christian fiction? Learn success secrets of writing Christian stories, Christian novels and Christian romance; discover what Christian publishers, readers want; write to touch lives for Christ
How to Write a Book of Inspirational Stories for Children
How to write a book that inspires children: writing tips to help you create stories that teach and heal. Discover the joy of writing children's books filled with hope, love and therapeutic power.
Christian Book Publishers Looking for Writers
Christian book publishers offer publishing contract with royalties. Christian writers needed, no fees to pay, we are traditional Christian publishers and children's book publishers, NOT a vanity press
List of Best Selling Books to Help You Write the Best Books for Kids
This list of best selling books for kids offers insights into what makes a book a best seller, and how to write a story that children will love.
List of Best Selling Books: Best Books for Teens & Popular Teen Books
Here's a list of best selling books to help readers choose good books for teens and young preteens; it also helps writers gain ideas and insights into what appeals to teen readers.
How to Choose An Editor - by Guest Writer Audrey Owen
How to choose an editor: 7 tips on what to look out for, when you need a good editor to help you polish up your manuscript.
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