Swamp Angel
by Anne Isaacs
A Caldecott Honor Book

Swamp Angel is a riproaring tall tale that's sure to fascinate kids. It tells the story of Angelica Longrider who built her first log-cabin when she was "a full two years old", rescued a wagon train mired in mud at the age of 12, and swallowed entire lakes in a gulp.

The story has the feel of a legendary folktale as it tells how this larger-than-life heroine grew up to be "the greatest woodswoman in Tennessee", saving the hillfolk by whupping a huge, marauding bear called Thundering Tarnation and throwing him up into the sky, where he "crashed into a pile of stars".

The gorgeous drawings by award-winning illustrator Paul Zelinsky, painted on wood veneers and resembling American folk art, evoke the feel of pioneer days and add the crowning touch to this book.

If you're looking for funny stories for kids, or bedtime stories with strong heroines, this one's a sure winner.

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