The Story about Ping
by Marjorie Flack

This story about Ping, a little yellow duck who lives on a boat on the Yangtze River in China, has remained one of the most popular children's books ever.

Ping spends his days on the Yangtze River, looking for pleasant things to eat. Then, at sunset, he returns to his boat home, together with the other ducks. But one day, he's a little late getting home and decides to stay out for the night - to avoid getting punished, since the last duck to get in, gets a spanking from the boat master.

He soon discovers it's not a good idea to get oneself lost and all alone in the middle of the night on a big river. His misadventures include being captured and almost ending his days as someone's dinner. He returns home the next day, a wiser duck.

Kids love Ping - perhaps there's a little rebellious "Ping" in every child. The book comes with a subtle moral attached: it's better to face the music and take the punishment, rather than to run away and get into hot soup (literally). This is a book that builds character, making it one of the best bedtime stories for kids - read it together and discuss how one's actions always lead to consequences.

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