Seven Blind Mice
by Ed Young

Seven blind mice in seven bright colors on a black background, plus one multi-colored elephant, make this children's book a feast for the eyes. A Caldecott Honor Award winner.

The story is adapted from the old fable of the blind men trying to identify an elephant. Over the course of a week, the seven mice investigate a strange "Something", each examining a different part of it.

One mouse feels the "Something's" ear, and reports that it's a fan; another encounters the trunk and thinks it's a snake; and so it goes on - it's a pillar, a cliff, a spear. Only the seventh mouse takes the time to examine the whole elephant and identify it correctly.

The story ends with a moral: "Knowing in part may make a fine tale, but wisdom comes from seeing the whole."

A jewel of a book; the brilliant illustrations and wise words make this one of the best bedtime stories for kids. Great for teaching children not to jump to conclusions but to get the whole picture first.

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