Poems for the Very Young
Compiled by Michael Rosen

Finding poems for the very young - good poems that babies, toddlers and nursery school kids will enjoy - is not easy. Apart from nursery rhymes, most collections of kids' poetry are targeted at children of at least kindergarten age and upwards. So this carefully selected anthology of verse is a boon to parents and educators of the very young.

The poems - about 100 in all - include the works of well-known poets like Carl Sandburg, Langston Hughes, Jack Prelutsky, Eleanor Farjeon, Eve Merriam, Margaret Mahy, and Michael Rosen himself. Some are classics by Robert Louis Stevenson and AA Milne; others are verses by anonymous or little-known poets, or pieces written by children themselves.

Rosen has taken care to select good poems that a young child can relate to: for example, rhymes about waking up and going to bed; poems about animals, nature, food, family and friends; funny poems and tonguetwisters; all-time favorites; and variations on traditional nursery rhymes. Running through all of them, and unifying the collection, is the playful use of words and sounds to engage the attention of young children.

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