There's a Nightmare in My Closet
by Mercer Mayer

"There's a nightmare in my closet": words that strike a chord with many kids who've hidden under sheets at night, afraid of the monster they're sure is lurking in the closet, behind the curtains or just about anywhere else in their room.

The small boy in the story decides to confront his fears. Armed with his toy cannon and pop gun, he's ready for the monster - who, sure enough, comes out of the closet once the lights are out. But when the boy shoots his gun, the creature bursts into tears. Not much of a monster, after all. The boy ends up taking pity on it and tucking it into bed with him - but watch out, there's another of those monsters sticking its head out of the closet...

This is one of three popular children's books by Mercer Mayer, that help kids confront and conquer common childhood fears; the other two books are: There's an Alligator under My Bed and There's Something in My Attic. All three are funny stories that will provide hours of entertainment, as well as encourage kids to solve problems with imagination and courage.

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