Mirette on the High Wire
by Emily Arnold McCully

Who's with Mirette on the high wire? Why, the Great Bellini himself! One of the best-loved inspirational stories for children, this book tells how a young girl overcomes her fears to realize her dream - and in the process, helps a famous artiste to overcome his fears and stage a comeback!

Mirette's mother, a widow, runs a boarding house - and our young heroine spends her days paring potatoes and scrubbing floors. All that changes, with the arrival of an unusual boarder; but before Mirette can achieve her high (literally) ambitions, she has to overcome seemingly impossible odds.

A Caldecott Medal winner and one of the most popular children's books ever, this story will encourage kids to reach for their "impossible" dreams. Although set in 19th Century Paris, the message is an evergreen one: that, with courage and determination, one can achieve anything one sets out to do.

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