Inspirational Leadership Quotes for Tough Times

Here are 12 leadership quotes to encourage and strengthen you in those difficult moments that come to all who shoulder the heavy responsibilities of leading and caring for others. These quotes were taken from the book, Unique: Winning with Extraordinary Results (author: Oluwasanmi Aladeyelu; editor: Ursula Lang).

Inspirational Leadership Quotes: the Importance of Integrity

"Those who aspire to greatness, who would command enduring respect and acceptance, must first fight and win their secret battles. You must be able to triumph over yourself when none but you and God are watching. You cannot run away from this private place where you are going to have to fight and win secret victories over your covert struggles."

"Any sleaze that climbs up the ladder of leadership with you will bring you down, most probably when you are at the peak. Any compromise you make in private will disgrace you in public."

"Let’s get this straight: we are not called to aid or shore up a regime operating on wrong systems. We are called to take up the responsibility of leading. We are the exact system upon which the ark of God must be carried."

Inspirational Leadership Quotes: Taking Responsibility

"Leaders don’t have light shoulders; there are always heavy burdens to bear."

"Leadership is not about getting into a high position or achieving prominence. It is much more than getting ahead of others. Leadership means assuming responsibility for others and supporting them all the way, in their successes as well as failures."

"Those in positions of leadership must take the responsibility squarely upon their own shoulders and with the utmost reverence for God’s principles. They must personally bear the burden of leading, just as Christ, the Leader of leaders, has done: 'the government will be on his shoulders' (Isaiah 9:6)."

Inspirational Leadership Quotes: Qualities of True Leaders

"Credible leaders display integrity and courage. It is integrity that inspires trust in others; wise people will not follow anyone they cannot trust. And it is courage that inspires respect; a regiment will not follow a chief who backs out in the face of an opposition’s insurrection." 

"As a leader, you not only instruct, you can be trusted to help too. You not only ask and take, you give as well."

"We are the true leaders. We are not supposed to sit back; we are supposed to go all out to show the world how to do it right, because people out there truly do not know the “how to”. They have not been taught, as we have, about Christ’s way of leadership."

Inspirational Leadership Quotes: What Do You Have to Offer?

"If God were to give you followers today, what would you make out of them: dwarfs or giants, slaves or freemen, scum or saints, dullards or leaders, beggars or givers, rebels or lovers, sinners or winners? How well can you manage these alternatives?"

"Let’s have a simple check here! If I decide to risk my life and all I have, to follow you today, would I be glad to have done it or would I regret it later? Do you have anything to offer that would be of interest to me? How great is your game plan? What’s in it for me? What are you offering your world that we have not seen before?"

"Exceptional leaders are not stingy. Apart from eternal life, Jesus was ready to give His disciples a hundred times what they had to forego for His sake. If people are prepared to stake their lives for you, you too must stake your life for them."

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