by Chris Van Allsburg

Jumanji, winner of the 1982 Caldecott Medal, ranks high as one of children's favorite fantasy books today.

When the author and illustrator is Chris Van Allsburg, you can expect a story that's out of the ordinary - and here's one to set the pulses racing.

Two children - Judy and Peter - find a mysterious board game in the park. A note taped to the box says "Free game, fun for some but not for all..." They take it home with them and read the instructions, which say that once the players begin, they cannot stop until someone has won the game.

The first roll of the dice lands Peter in a spot that reads "Lion attacks, move back two spaces". Suddenly a live lion appears in the living room! The children manage to get it locked up in a bedroom. And that's only the beginning: as the children play the game, monkeys pop up and wreck the kitchen, rhinos stampede through the house, and a volcano erupts. If they're ever going to get out of this game alive, they're going to have to continue... and how will they ever get the house cleaned up before their parents return home?

Certainly one of the most exciting adventure books for kids today. Great for children with a low boredom threshold.

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