The Jolly Postman
by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

The jolly postman delivers letters to and from favorite fairy tale characters like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Giant (of Jack and the Beanstalk fame), the Wicked Witch of Gingerbread Bungalow, and the Big Bad Wolf.

These are actual letters, tucked into real envelopes in the book, that children can take out to read for themselves. And they make hilarious reading: junkmail from Hobgoblin Supplies Ltd to the Wicked Witch, advertising such treats as Little Boy Pie mix, and a Cup and Sorcerer tea set that washes itself; an attorney's letter addressed to BB Wolf, demanding that he vacate Grandma's cottage, and informing him of an impending law suit from The Three Pigs; and, for the Giant, a postcard from a sunny island where Jack's on vacation (paid with the Giant's golden eggs, to add insult to injury).

Kids get a kick out of reading Other People's Letters (as the book is also called); definitely one of the most enjoyable bedtime stories to read - and laugh over - with young children.

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