Jack Prelutsky:
The Beauty of the Beast:
Poems from the Animal Kingdom

Jack Prelutsky, Children's Poet Laureate and editor of this book, has chosen over 200 of the best animal poems by 123 highly acclaimed poets, and compiled them into a fabulous anthology that celebrates the beauty and wonder of the animal kingdom.

Reflecting the rich diversity of animal life, the book offers a wide range of subjects and genres. Here are poems about insects, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals; poems about the lowly earthworm and the majestic whale, and all manner of creatures in between; funny poems, joyful poems, lively poems, lyrical poems, and poems exulting in the grandeur of creation. The title says it all: these poems open our senses to the beauty of animals.

The book itself is also a thing of beauty, a feast for the eyes. Exquisite illustrations by Meilo So accompany the poems, filling the pages with an explosion of colors. Here's a treasure trove of kids' poetry and paintings to enjoy with our children or on our own; a gorgeous book to give away as a gift or to keep for oneself.

An ALA Notable Children's Book. Get your copy from Amazon.com:

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