Ira Sleeps Over
by Bernard Waber

When Ira sleeps over at Reggie's house, should he bring the teddy bear that's his inseparable companion every night? Will his friend laugh at him? Especially if he finds out the teddy's name is Tah Tah?

Ira agonizes over the decision and leaves home without Tah Tah. But all ends well when he finds out that Reggie, too, has a teddy bear - called Foo Foo. So off he goes to get Tah Tah (he lives next-door).

This is one of the best-loved bedtime stories for kids. Waber writes with warm humor and gentle empathy - and a fine ear for children's dialogue. A great book for reading aloud.

A note of caution to parents: the story has Reggie telling Ira ghost stories during the sleepover; so if you don't approve of ghost stories for kids, give this book a miss or substitute "scary stories" where it says "ghost stories".

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