Inspirational Life Quotes
for Extraordinary Success

Below are ten inspirational life quotes to help you through your day. The quotes were all taken from the book, Unique: Winning with Extraordinary Results (author: Oluwasanmi Aladeyelu; editor: Ursula Lang).  

May these quotes inspire you to rise above your limitations, press in where others fear to tread and, in so doing, attain your most earnest and vital desires.

Inspirational Life Quotes: Remedy for an Inferiority Complex

"Do not look down on yourself. If you desire to be an extraordinary person, the first thing you must overcome is a false self-concept — what some call an 'inferiority complex'."

"God did not create any kind of 'complex', whether inferior or superior. You were made in God’s image, and you are no less or more human than anyone else. No one has the right to denigrate or belittle you."

"You were created for great achievements — more than what you can dream of or imagine."

Inspirational Life Quotes: Empowerment for Success

"You should never be intimidated by what the world considers to be 'on the wrong side of the tracks' — whether you belong to the 'weaker' sex, have the 'wrong' skin color, or are in the 'lower' strata of society. If your heart is set on something, you will do it well — even better than your so-called 'betters'."

"Many people are held back by fear from achieving all that they are capable of. They need to believe that they have been given 'arms strong for their tasks'; that where God calls them, He also enables them. Then, they can walk tall because they know they have what it takes to make it."

Inspirational Life Quotes: the Power of Prayer

"How many times have you complained about the economy, the political system, the leaders, and other issues? How often have you lamented about your relationships, your spouse and children, and your work? And, how many times have you actually prayed? Instead of gossiping around, why not try a little prayer now and then, and see the difference it can make?"

"Necessity, we proclaim, is the mother of invention. I dare to ask then: who is the father and who is the midwife? The father of invention is wisdom and the midwife is prayer. When wisdom comes with necessity to the place of prayer, invention is inevitable. Prayer lovers are problem solvers."

Inspirational Life Quotes: God Cares for You

"Some people try to cover up whatever they are going through. They paint a rosy picture of their life when they are actually going through hell and floundering in a big mess. Miracles might not come the way of such people because of their hypocrisy. We can’t be insincere with God and others, and expect to be helped. A sincere heart is of great worth. It will introduce you to a miracle."

"The people who go far with God are those who are open and honest with Him. They tell it the way it really is. We can tell God what we are going through, any day and any time. No problem is ever too big for Him, no trouble too much for Him to handle. He really cares to know how it is with us." 

"No one has to perish in silence. You don’t have to die suffering. Say something. Speak up! God wants to hear from you."

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