Green Eggs and Ham
by Dr Seuss

Green eggs and ham, served with persistence and passion by Sam-I-Am, the lovable character that's just as whacky as the delicacy he offers. When his friend will have nothing to do with the weird-looking food, Sam goes all out to persuade him - will he have it in a house, with a mouse, in a box or with a fox? How about with a goat or on a boat or on a train or in the rain? The story ends on a triumphant note, with the skeptic's discovery that this peculiar dish is after all "so good, so good".

Whimsical illustrations, deliciously nonsensical phrases and rhymes, and vivid, amusing characters make this story one of the best funny poems for kids. Add to that, it conveys important messages. One: do not be afraid to try new things. Two: appearances are deceptive; what looks horrible can turn out to be "so good". And three: persistence pays; if at first you don't succeed - try, try and try again. These are the lessons that kids take away with them.

This is educational kids' poetry at its best. The book uses only about 50 simple words, but unlike other books on a restricted vocabulary, the writing here does not suffer. In fact, the simplicity of the language gives it a clean, clear eloquence. Dr Seuss uses simple words in imaginative combinations to create catchy phrases and rhythmic sentences that are a joy to read aloud.

One of the most popular children's books of all time, with over 8 million copies sold. Get your copy from:

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