George and Martha Series
by James Marshall

George and Martha are two idiosyncratic hippos who star in this series of all-time favorite children's books. These exuberant, funny stories teach profound lessons about true friendship.

Martha is vain, nosy, stubborn, and somewhat reckless. George is greedy and full of bluster, loves to play practical jokes - and is just as nosy as Martha. In short, they are full of endearing imperfections, just like their human readers.

The stories revolve round the hilarious antics of the two friends. Martha loves to cook split pea soup that George doesn't like to eat; so, to spare her feelings, he secretly pours the soup into his shoes - not a good idea at all. George loves to play practical jokes on Martha, but sometimes this backfires. And he's always peeking in windows, and trying to sneak a peek into Martha's diary.

These two hippos step on each other's toes but, like all true friends, end up forgiving each other; each makes sacrifices for the other, and looks to the other's best interests.

Maurice Sendak wrote the foreword to the 25th anniversary edition, a compilation of 35 stories in all; he said "Those dear, ditzy, down-to-earth hippos...remind us...of the true, durable meaning of friendship under the best and worst conditions."

These are short stories that say a lot in a few words. They're great bedtime stories to share with kids.

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