Funny Poems for Kids:
You be Good and I'll be Night
by Eve Merriam

Funny poems for lively children! Written in the style of nursery rhymes, this book of kids' poetry is full of the joy of life. The verses range from silly rhymes to whimsical word plays, from exuberant songs to tender love poems, as in the following examples:

You be Good,
I'll be Night,
tuck me in, tuck me in
nice and tight.

A nanny for a goat,
an over for a coat,
an under for a wear,
a case for a stair.

Skip in a circle,
skip in a square
lost my shoe
don't know where

You're my safety,
you're my pin,
hold me close
and fasten me in

These are indeed "jump-on-the-bed poems", as the subtitle so aptly puts it.

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