Finders Keepers
by Will Lipkind
& Mordvinoff Nicolas
A Caldecott Medal Book

Finders Keepers is a simple story with an important message for kids - and grownups too.

Two dogs, Nap and Winkle, were digging a hole in a yard. They found a bone. Who should get it? Nap saw it first but Winkle touched it first.

Who would help them decide? They asked a farmer but he was only interested in his cart. They asked a goat but it was only interested in hay. They asked an apprentice barber but he was only interested in hair.

Finally, they asked a big, mean dog, and he was interested in the bone - but for the wrong reason. And this got Nap and Winkle to make up their minds quickly about who the bone belonged to!

If you're looking for meaningful bedtime stories for kids, this one's a sure winner. It gets readers chuckling even as the message sinks in - it's better to share things rather than fight over them and end up losing everything.

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