Family Inspirational Quotes for Strong, Loving Relationships

Here are 12 family inspirational quotes to help build strong, loving marriages and happy homes. All the quotes were taken from the book, Unique: Winning with Extraordinary Results (author: Oluwasanmi Aladeyelu; editor: Ursula Lang).


Inspirational Quotes for Wives

"You may not be known all over the world; but you can have a good reputation in your own home, with your name written in gold on the hearts of your own spouse and children." 

"You can be the one who brings illumination to your husband's mind; you can expand his horizon and be the queen of his heart." 

Inspirational Quotes for Husbands

"Of all God’s creatures, however beautiful, friendly, intelligent or excellent they are, none qualifies to be man’s companion, not even the man himself. No substitute can take the place of a woman in the natural order of life. Not your dog, nor your cat, nor a monkey, nor any other lovable creature. This world is a man and his woman’s world!"

"When Eve was presented to Adam, he gave a great shout of ecstasy: 'This is it!' This is what I’ve been looking for, and she is just exactly like me! He recognized her immediately for who she was: 'This is now bone of my bones'; implying, No more questions, no more doubts, no more searching. This is the real thing!"

Family Inspirational Quotes for Couples

"You need to be glad about that person in your life; he or she is a great blessing. Indeed, for every man that God has created, He has also created a woman just for him, intended to be his helpmate — an 'angel' in human form." 

"There are two vacuums in everyone. One is made for God and the other for your spouse. We can’t survive without the former; it’s hard to live without the latter." 

"The duties of a wife: you are a companion and helpmate to your husband. The duties of a husband: you are a pillar of strength and a fortress for your wife. Without either of you, the job won’t be well done and life would be tedious." 

Family Inspirational Quotes for Healing Broken Relationships

"I would like to encourage all who have abandoned the family ship to go back home to their spouses (especially!) and children — today. Let God reconcile your hearts to each other in true love and restore your marriage relationship."

"Contrary to what is believed in some quarters, women are not necessary evils. They are necessary companions: 'helpers', to be more precise. A woman is the best-qualified candidate to be a helpmeet to man."

"Where family relationships — especially between husband and wife — have failed or are strained, it is our responsibility to work towards reconciliations that restore wholeness to the family unit. No doubt this is a tremendous challenge today; but not to do anything would be to play willingly into the Enemy’s hands."

Family Inspirational Quotes for Parents

"Marriage forms the bedrock on which is built a loving family and home; and a great home is non-negotiable for the upbringing of great souls who will later mature and contribute richly to the spectrums of human society."

"The duties of a mother: the future is conceived in your womb and nursed with your care. The duty of a father: the future is molded in your hands. As parents, we have been given the power to determine the colors of years to come."

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