Dr Seuss' Book of Funny Poems:
Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You?

Dr Seuss wrote many popular children's books, most of which have been bestsellers for decades. This one, Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You?, has sold over 2.7 million copies worldwide. As the subtitle says, it is a "book of wonderful noises" that Mr Brown can make, and that the reader is encouraged to try making too.

Here are some of the noises Mr Brown can make: moo like a cow; buzz like a bee; pop like a cork; hoo like an owl; klopp like a horse; blurp like a horn, boom like thunder; splat like lightning; sizzle like a frying egg; and go "Grum Grum" like a hippo chewing gum. Little children find these noises fascinating and have fun imitating them - and learning sounds and words at the same time. If you are looking for funny poems that will hold the attention of kids, this book is a sure winner.

Seuss had a knack of knowing what would appeal to children: simple words, catchy rhymes and lively rhythm. This book, containing the wackiest verses written in the style of nursery rhymes, is pure delight - a joy for parents to read aloud to or with their kids. Everyone can make wonderful noises, just like Mr Brown.

Get the book from Amazon.com. There are two versions available - the unabridged version for older readers, and the board book (abridged) version for babies and toddlers; check the "Formats" box to make sure you get the right book:

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