Christian Inspirational Quotes for Difficult Times

Here are ten Christian inspirational quotes to comfort and encourage you. These quotes were all taken from the book, Unique: Winning with Extraordinary Results (author: Oluwasanmi Aladeyelu; editor: Ursula Lang).  

Christian Inspirational Quotes when People Hurt You 

"Sometimes what you have to go through could be a means of bringing you to where you have to get to. Those mockers around you might just be a way of letting you know you’re different — and their wicked actions are fitting exactly into God’s plan for you!"

"You may be threatened, harassed or abused. You may be mocked or ridiculed. But you must keep to your purpose and not quit until you have gotten to where you were made for."

Christian Inspirational Quotes when Friends Desert You

"Friends may desert you as Jesus’ disciples did: Peter decided to go fishing and James and John followed suit. But it didn’t matter. Jesus still rose from the dead on the third day. You too will have your day of victory anytime soon!" 

"If you will not give up because your friends stopped believing in you, you will soon showcase the glory of God in your life. You will honor Him who has the power to bring your dreams to life."

Inspirational Quotes when God Seems Far Away

"A desert experience — when we feel dry spiritually and God seems to be far away — is the prelude to His showing up and bringing us to a new level. Would you care to wait for Him? Please do!"

"Whenever you can’t understand the ways of God anymore, whenever you can’t really explain what is happening or what God is saying or driving at, you need to watch it; you are most likely on the edge of a new level. That is the time to wait upon Him and inquire of Him all the more. If you don’t break faith with Him, it won’t be long before He shows up and gives you new revelations of Himself."

Christian Inspirational Quotes when Enemies Threaten You

"If God has set you on His course, do not be afraid of what man can do to you. You cannot be taken out until you have fulfilled your purpose." 

"Everyone who understands the power of God in divine placements knows that human threats are paper lions that don’t bite us out of our divine destiny. Every time you are threatened, look the devil in the eye and shout, 'You can’t get to me as long as I am connected to God’s purpose!'"

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