Beauty and the Beast:
Inspiration for Great Story Ideas

Beauty and the Beast is a story loved by millions. Take advantage of its universal appeal: put a fresh twist to it, to create your own original story while retaining the warmth and magic of this fairy tale.

Here are writing prompts and story starters to help you:

The Beauty of the Beast
Tweak the tale: for example, an ugly heroine and a handsome hero. Here's a suggestion:

Ugly Betty meets with an accident near Beau's castle and is invited to stay until she recovers. Under his tender, loving care, she blossoms into a beautiful girl but then she has to return home to nurse her sick father...

Beauty and the Beastly Boss
Update the time and place, or change the setting. For example:

Beulah gets a job as a secretary to Mr Beast, the nastiest boss in town. She uses her wit, wisdom and wiles to tame the man and transform him into the best boss/boyfriend/husband/business partner...

Beautiful Kids and All Kinds of Beasts
Replace the principal characters with children and/or animals. For example:

Ben had always wanted a dog, so when this little lost beagle wandered into his garden, he was delighted. He cleaned her up, fed her and took good care of her. She soon settled into his home but then her real owners called up his mum and wanted her back...

Beauty and the Beast: Oddballs and Beans
Turn the story into a comedy. For example:

Bea's father owes Mr Mean Bean a lot of money, and the only way Bean will write off the debt is if Bea marries him. He has nursed a decade-long passion for her but she is unaware of it/indifferent to it. She's not keen on the idea of marrying him -- I mean, he has all these funny-peculiar habits and a stingy streak -- but she loves her father...

Beauty and the Beast: May the Best Beast Win
Add characters and conflicts to the tale: a rival who creates difficulties for the hero, a dilemma to be resolved; for example:

Caught in a snowstorm, Beauty seeks refuge at the home of twin brothers, who both fall in love with her. One is a perfect gentleman, the other plain wicked. Who does she fall for? And can she always be sure who's who, since they're identical twins...

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