Arthur the Aardvark series:
Arthur's Nose
by Marc Brown

Arthur the Aardvark is "every child"; kids identify with him and love this series of funny stories. Each story shows Arthur facing a common childhood predicament and coming to terms with it in his own inimitable way. The books are ideal as bedtime stories to read with your kids and as a starting point for discussions on how your family would have handled the situation.

This particular story, Arthur's Nose, starts off with Arthur deciding that he doesn't like his nose. His family loves him and the way he looks, but the kids at school sometimes make fun of his long nose. So off he goes to a rhinologist to get a new one. He tries out all the different noses, with hilarious results, and finally decides that his own (original) nose is the only one that looks right. "I'm just not me without my nose!" he concludes.

An engaging story with a great message about accepting oneself, warts (or nose) and all.

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