Arthur the Aardvark Series:
Arthur's Eyes
by Marc Brown

Arthur the Aardvark is "every child"; kids identify with him and love this series of funny stories. Each story shows Arthur facing a common childhood predicament and coming to terms with it in his own inimitable way. The books are ideal as bedtime stories to read with your kids and as a starting point for discussions on how your family would have handled the situation.

This particular story, Arthur's Eyes, starts with Arthur getting his first pair of eye-glasses. He gets teased by the kids at school when he puts them on, so he stops wearing them. This, however, leads to some embarrassing moments for him - such as walking into the girls' bathroom! Finally, Arthur's teacher helps him see how glasses can be "cool" - they help him excel at schoolwork and sports. The story ends with Arthur gaining acceptance from his schoolmates, who now like his glasses!

This is a hilarious story with a much-needed message, especially for kids who have to wear glasses or anything else that makes them look different; and also for kids who are in some way different from others. It helps children see that they, too, are "cool" in their own special way. A good book to boost a child's self-esteem.

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