Amazing Grace
by Mary Hoffman

Amazing Grace is one of the best inspirational stories for kids; it shatters stereotypes about race and gender, and encourages kids to pursue their dreams, no matter how impossible they seem.

Grace was a girl who loved stories and knew her own mind. So when her class planned a presentation of Peter Pan, "Grace knew who she wanted to be" - Peter Pan himself! But could she? Her classmates said "No" - she was a girl and she was black.

Grandmother and mother, however, told Grace she could be anything she wanted to be, if she put her mind to it. And they were right! Grace worked hard at learning her role and proved, during the auditions, that she was the best choice for the lead role of Peter Pan.

An amazing story for every child who's ever felt disadvantaged in one way or another; a great book to boost the confidence of any kid who needs to be told, "Yes, you can be all you've ever dreamt of being!"

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