There's an Alligator
Under My Bed

by Mercer Mayer

"There's an alligator under my bed," says the little boy in the story. Getting no help from his parents, who "never saw it", he sets out on his own to get rid of the beast.

Children will delight in the clever way the boy handles a common childhood fear - luring the alligator to the garage with a trail of food, locking it up, and leaving a note for his father, to tell him it's in there.

This is one of three popular children's books by Mercer Mayer, that help kids confront and conquer common childhood fears; the other two books are: There's a Nightmare in My Closet and There's Something in My Attic. All three are funny stories that will provide hours of entertainment, as well as encourage kids to solve problems imaginatively and independently.

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