The Alfie Collection
by Shirley Hughes

An Alfie collection of four stories about a lovable, true-to-life little boy: Alfie Gets in First; Alfie Gives a Hand; Alfie's Feet; An Evening at Alfie's, all in a single volume.

In Alfie Gets in First, Alfie runs ahead of his mum into the house, the door closes on him, and he's locked in - and his mum's locked out of the house! Neighbors gather to offer help, but Alfie solves the problem himself, and it's a happy ending with neighbors invited in for tea.

In Alfie Gives a Hand, Alfie extends a hand to help a shy child at a birthday party; and in Alfie's Feet he's joyfully splashing away in his new rain boots - though he's got them on the wrong feet!

In An Evening at Alfie's, our hero and his baby sister are left with the babysitter (a teenage girl) while his parents go out for the evening. Alfie discovers the joys of a minor flood in the house (caused by a burst waterpipe) while his babysitter and her parents (Alfie's neighbors) scramble to fix the leak.

This collection brings together the best of the Alfie stories at an attractive price. Alfie books have become favorite children's books among many kids and their parents because of the warmth and strong sense of community and family that's evident in these stories.

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