A A Milne:
When We Were Very Young
Funny Poems for Kids

A A Milne continues to delight generations of readers with this evergreen book of funny poems. Here are some of the best written - and best loved - kids' poetry of all time.

Written in the style of nursery rhymes, the gently humorous poems introduce kids to such memorable characters as...

Mary Jane, who would not eat her lovely rice pudding;

The king who wanted just a bit of butter for the royal slice of bread;

James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree, who sternly warned his mother, "You Must Never Go Down to The End Of Town If You Don't Go Down with ME!" (After she disobeyed the little boy's orders and got lost going down to the end of town on her own.)

And, of course, the one-and-only Christopher Robin, who started it all!

Each poem is complete in itself, and tells a simple tale that kids will enjoy. Great for reading as bedtime stories to little ones.

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